CR7 Chapter 5

CR7 Chapter 5

Cristiano invites Nike into his home to reflect on his time in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the greatest footballer of this generation having broken nearly every record going and winning every title there is to win. What is beyond argument is him being Nike Football's highest profile athlete – with a Instagram following of 125 million, making him the most followed man on the planet.

The past few years Cristiano has been wearing uniquely designed Mercurial boots that chart his career. Each 'Chapter' has referenced key milestones from birth to playing for Sporting Lisbon and his subsequent move to Manchester United.

Chapter 5 is focused on his career at Real Madrid where he has re-written the record books and pushed himself to a level where we talk about him being one of the greatest players to ever play the game. 

Often athelete led product launches are centred around a 'drop-in' at a Nike experience, usually a small-sided tournament for local kids – with some brief media interviews. But we knew that this boot release – to mark Cristiano's incredible record-breaking achievements at Madrid – needed something extra special.

We wanted to get closer to Cristiano than ever before, and give him the opportunity in his own words to talk about his incredible time in Madrid. So the idea was simple, go where Cristiano is at his most relaxed and open – his Madrid home. 

We designed and built an on site 'boot museum' to catalogue his career-to-date in Nike Mercurial's – with pride of place his new Chapter 5's.

In his back garden, a very select number of YouTube Influencers were given a few minutes each to create their own exclusive content with him and Rio Ferdinand (an old team-mate and friend) flew in to interview Cristiano about his evolution as a player since he moved to Madrid.

The day spent at his home was finished off with an intimate kick about between Cristiano and his son – who was wearing his very own pair of 'Chapter 5's'. This Instagram post has gone on to become Nike's most-liked image ever on Cristiano's channel.


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