For The Love Of It

For The Love Of It

Did what I just see, really happen? 

We broke records with these 'behind the scene' films – shot during the production of Pepsi's latest big budget TVC – that created debate around the globe around whether two of the greatest players in the Champions League could really pull-off such audacious skills.

I led the creative development, script writing, on-set creative direction and the detailed post-production process across all seven films*.

*After the success of the first two, Pepsi held back the rest from release.

– 142 million views 
– 1 billion + impressions
– 700+ pieces of coverage
– Estimated $42 million estimated advertising value


Case study wrap-up film

Mo Salah's film was released on his Instagram acccount with the simple caption 'Behind the scenes...'

Leo Messi's film was released a week later on his Instagram account. This has gone on to be his most watched video ever released on the platform.

Over 700+ pieces of media coverage globally around the films, including this segment on BBC Breakfast about Mo's skills.

This is the final TVC by AMV and Rattling Stick that our 'behind the scenes' films expanded on.

Final word to Gary Lineker who knows a GOAT when he sees one...

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